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Slide ViewerPhoto Tip 001 - How to see your LCD Screen in Bright Sunlight

LCD Hoods are designed to let you see your images in bright sunlight. They really work, but they're expensive, usually force you to stick an ugly frame on the back of your camera and are so big that they're difficult to fit in small camera bags. The answer? Get a Slide Viewer from your local camera shop or just like the one here. These usually cost around €5.

These Viewers have a magnifying lens at one end and were designed to help you see enlarged Mounted Slides (also called Transparencies). Go for a dark colour if you can so that it can cut out as much light as possible.

Now cut off the translucent front with a sharp knife or hacksaw, make sure you smooth down the cut so you don't scratch your LCD Screen (Safety Notice!: be careful not to cut your fingers!).

Voila! Now you have a very effective Screen Viewer which cuts out the bright light and makes it possible to see your LCD Screen even in the middle of a bright summers day.
LCD Viewer



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