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Photo Doctor - Why are some people blurred and some not?

Dark Night Shot
Bright Night Shot
BACKGROUND BLURRED: "Portrait Scene Setting" makes the background blurred by making it out of focus
BACKGROUND SHARP: "Landscape Scene Setting" tries to keep the background sharp by keeping it in focus

BACKGROUND BLURRED: If you want to make a person stand out from a busy or distracting background put your camera setting to "Portrait Scene". This is usually illustrated by an icon of the Head and Shoulders of Person.

BACKGROUND SHARP: If you want the background to be in focus as well then set your camera to "Landscape Scene" Setting. This is usually illustrated by an icon of Mountains.

>>How to reduce or eliminate "Red Eye"
>>Why are people dark in my day shots?
>>Why are my photos so grainy?
>>Why are my close-up shots blurred?
>>Why are my night shots blurred?
>>Why are my night shots too dark?

Of course, if you take one of our beginners courses then you'll learn how to eliminate all of these common problems!


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Level 1 - Foundation

Night: Wed 10 Sept
Weekend: Sat 13/Sun 14 SeptOne Day Beginners Photography Course
Sat 9 AugDigital Photography
Level 2 - Intermediate

Night: Tue 9 Sept
Weelend: Sat 16/Sun 17 Aug
One Day Introduction to Digital SLRs
Sat 16 Aug
Photography Summer School
Week Long Course:
Mon 11 to Fri 15 Aug 2014

Flash Photography
Level 1 - On-Camera Flash

Half Day: Sat 16 Aug
Flash Photography
Level 2 - Wireless

Half Day: Sat 16 Aug
Studio Photography
Level 1 - Foundation

Half Day: Sat 23 AugStudio Photography
Level 2 - Fashion

Half day: Sat 23 Aug

Level 1 - Foundation

One Day: Sat 9 Aug
Lightroom Level 1 - Foundation
One Day: Sat 26 July
Nikon SLR Camera Workshop
Sat 6 Sept
Canon SLR Camera Workshop
Sat 26 July
Free Training for those who bought their EOS Digital SLR in the Republic of Ireland
Dublin – Sat 20 Sept
Cork – Sat 27 SeptFREE SHOOTS
Dusk Free Shoot
Sat 9 Aug
Street Free Shoot
Sun 17 Aug
Macro Free Shoot
Sun 17 Aug
HDR Free Shoot
Sat 19 July
Sun 7 SeptPhotography Tips for Beginners
Night: Mon 25 Aug
Photography Tips for Improvers
Night: Tue 26 Aug